Digital banking & insurance

Focused on economic results in commercial actions, recovery of collections in arrears and customer service, we have a technological solution designed for the business of Digital Banking, savings, credit and financial Entities, and Insurance Companies.

Through an omnichannel communication strategy, the platform integrates all the relationship with current and future customers in a single application and screen, thus achieving a more efficient and results-focused management.

Being fully adaptable to the business model of each company, the following benefits stand out:

Obtain measurable economic results, as it boosts sales opportunities.

Carry out integrated marketing and sales actions through different channels (landing, WhatsApp, chats, social networks).

Reduce management costs and collection periods for customers in arrears.

Increase customer satisfaction, converting complaints into loyalty and sales opportunities.

Easily visualise the activities and management related to each customer. Integrate all the information on a single screen (sales, marketing, collections, customer service).

Simplify processes through automation.

Facilitate decision making, as it prepares economic and management reports.